Who am I - A Mathematician Turned Copywriter

We humans yearn for words. Why ?

Because there are only a few emotions and infinite perceptions.

And that is exactly what I have been exploring - The Emotional Depth of Words

How different permutations of words and can invoke several emotions.

(Maths creeps in everywhere) ​

A freelance creative, copywriter, content writer and storyteller

I can mold words to help buzzing startups, rooted businesses, agencies

& entrepreneurs with precise brand tone, landing pages and content

to suit their style, grab attention and evoke emotion.

Just like water I can shift forms.

Over the last 8 years, I have worked on several experimental passion projects

and collaborative projects and built long term relationships with

several International and Indian platforms

Such as : Seasame School, Bootcamp Yellow, Ubunnany, Just About Wellness,

Hello Travel, Ottika Canada.

Expert Domains : Health & Wellness, Travel, Edu-Tech

               Lifestyle, Relationships, Spirituality, Parenting

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